Sunday, July 11, 2010


Greetings Everyone.
Benjamin Fingerle was kind enough to offer feedback about his tool Furiganizer since he saw on twitter I was interested in Japanese learning tools.

If you or someone you know is starting to study Japanese or the kanjis (we even have a new list) are already disheartening this person, there are several tools, one of them is the rikaichan add on and furiganizer is a different one, it has a different approach, you dont need to install anything, so it is available everywhere and with Benjamin's newer version you get some useful additional features:

• You can use your Google account to log in, which makes the whole process of signing up a lot easier
• You can download furiganized text directly to Microsoft Word
• There's been a substantial face lift; He hopes it improves the Furiganizer's usability
I was looking for some info regarding a movie I want to see, so I went to Japanese wikipedia. and search for the credits for the director and company (staff)

FuriganizerI copied that text and pasted on furiganizer's site, you just have to click where it says furiganize.

FuriganizerIt will add the tiny characters we call furigana that allow us to read a kanji despite not having seen it before, which makes a lot easier to look for it on dictionaries to start to master it.

FuriganizerReading Japanese names is hell, trust me, it is frustrating, for you can know several reading for any given kanji, but they will find a way you don't even imagine to read it. But you can take action and if you know or believe the reading suggested by furiganizer is not right you have all the tools in place to improve it.
FuriganizerIsn't crowdsourcing great?

FuriganizerGo ahead Jude, make it better.
FuriganizerI'd have loved this tools three years ago when I started studying Japanese, it is still useful, but it would have made things a lot easier.

Give the tool a try, and if you have any fedback, I'm sure Benjamin will be glad to listen to you.


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