Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No more AKB48...

... for a while

I think it's time to give the gals in akb48 another break (perhaps for good) from the blog, this time I'm letting them go with these images.
Let's start with the gorgeous Akimoto San.
C'mon this gal's got everything.
akimoto sayaka akb48This tiny gif brings warm feelings to my soul.
akimoto sayaka akb48
akimoto sayaka akb48
Then there's Yuko, different but lovely in her own way, as Cat puts it, she's a little ball of energy
ooshima yuko akb48And Miyazawa San, always so full of energy and so lively.

akb 48 miyazawa sae
She's also got the looks.
akb 48 miyazawa saeakb48 Miyazawa

Shinoda Mariko San
, another girl with a great figure, I don't think she'll stay long in the band, she is not 25 but she is a grown up woman and perhaps she is not comfortable dancing and jumping with teenagers anymore.
Shinoda Mariko We've already said googbye to maimai



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