Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the making

I used to write a lot in English, during 2008 I gradually forgot about english and made only posts in Spanish, don't know why but it so happened.

The last few weeks i think I've made the point that this is my personal blog, no topic is privileged and no tag or label is admitted or able to define the entries around here.

Today is one of those days that we know we'll remember (for better of for worse it's still to be determined) and despite being just one man who is taking an oath to an office, the power of his election, all of that soft power that America has now (but can quickly vanish)and the hope that he can transform his nation and the world.

The bloodthirsty people from Israel already made their best to ensure that his survival is priority for the Obama administration.

The economic crisis that has still to reach it's lowest valley is his main concern, his team has to reactivate the Us economy in order to save the rest of the world economics, there is no denying in that fact.

Beijing, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Mexico City, we all are waiting for the us economy to regain it's health in order to continue of dependent existence.

whatever happens, today we can celebrate that Bush is out of the picture

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