Sunday, April 24, 2011

the one with the joystick talk and the crimson skies nostalgia

I can agree to some extent
Opinion: Why Braid really is pretentious

Thinking of buying this as a palliative to the loss of this, but I need the parcel service to deliver this item first
And yes, I´m and old fella, I still want to play using joysticks despite the fact that 0 recent games use them.
Logitech Force 3D Pro Joystick (Black/Grey)

Several reviews from the old days when crimson skies was all the rage....well it actually never was

By the way, this new editor for blogger sucks in a big way, the only saving grace it has is the number of attachments for uploading pictures, but even after that it blows, there is no liberty to stretch the image to the desired size

Since we´re talking joysticks, well, the joystick won, it became the right way to navigate a 3d environment using a gamepad and now the xbox 360 controller and the dualshock3 (as did the sixaxis) have two of them (N64 showed the way with the wave bird) and although the sane thing to do is forget about joystick, there is hope for a better future, some dudes are researching hydraulic metallic force feedback controllers.

They are (were?) called Paccus Interfaces and were interviewed in 2009 by guru3D
Their website does not make me have great hopes, but they say they'll be delivering the first joysticks in Q2 2011

Another development is this ForceFeedback Joystick Driver for Java found at sourceforge.
We all know that freemium is what is coming for PCs, it is a sad reality, a bunch of stupid games like jerkville and the likes will abound, and that idiotic onlive will be also an option, but hey, at least some studios are saying goodbye to the greatest gaming environment with style, Fable III on PC won't be like the console version that plays by itself

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