Saturday, October 23, 2010

Games for windows MArketplace : 0 y van ...

Yo ya no puedo creerle a Microsoft, muchas veces me han contado este cuento, que ahora si, que van a aprovechar la enorme base instalada y no se que tanto, pero bueno,, veamos que resulta con su n-simo intento éste noviembre.

Jamás entenderé porque no agarran a Intel, AMD y Nvidia y les ponen un rumbo en conjunto para revivir un mercado que cada día está más decaido, y también hay que admitirlo, en la PC hay mucho HDP que o tienen un sólo juego original, que porque están caros, pero eso si, está cambiando de hardware cada tercer día.
Games for windows MArketplace

REDMOND, Wash. — Oct. 22, 2010 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the Games for Windows Marketplace, a new online PC games store that combines the convenience of the Web with the power of Games on Demand online distribution. Launching Nov. 15, the Games for Windows Marketplace will offer PC gamers a robust lineup of games they love, easier navigation and purchase, and recurring specials such as Deal of the Week.

“With Games for Windows Marketplace, we set out to create a digital store built for PC gamers end-to-end,” said Kevin Unangst, senior global director, PC and Mobile Gaming, at Microsoft. “And by integrating with our existing Xbox LIVE and Windows Live services, we’ve made it easier than ever for millions of gamers to see for themselves how easy buying PC games can be.”

A Streamlined Experience

Built from the ground up for convenience and performance, the Games for Windows Marketplace ( will remove the barriers between gamers and the games they love by offering the following:

* Online access, anywhere. Optimized for speed, the store allows for ultra-fast downloads; this means fewer clicks to purchase and download, delivering faster turnaround for gameplay. And since the service lives on the Web, gamers can download games on a PC, anytime, and can easily redownload games they purchase if needed.
* Deals and discounts galore. Gamers can check out screaming deals on select games every time they visit the Marketplace, as well as the Deal of The Week and other recurring and seasonal offers.
* Game search functionality. Gamers can search by titles or genres to quickly find the games they want; they can even find new games from their favorite publishers with dedicated publisher pages.
* Fresh design. The clean, intuitive look and feel makes browsing for games a simple, enjoyable experience. Gamers can easily navigate between pages as they search for the perfect game.

A Growing Portfolio

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