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The Hall of Play

Games are meant to be played. And gamers are people who love playing them. OK, these observations aren’t necessarily my finest intellectual moments, but I’m putting them out there because they represent the foundation of our definitive list of the Top 100 PC Games of All Time (on page 34). Or goal wasn’t to deliver to an uptight history lesson. We don’t need to: PC gaming is such a recent phenomenon that all but the youngest among us have lived through its evolution and could share our own lists of its most magnificent moments at the drop of a mouse.

Instead, the entire PC Gamer vanguard of PC gaming maniacs around the globe loaded up, played, replayed, and fought over hundreds upon hundreds of PC games throughout the year, and our list represents the Top 100 games that thrill us the most today. Some are only months or years old, while others were created decades ago, yet—like so many amazing paintings, books, movies, and other things human beings have created since we left behind banging rocks together for entertainment—transcend the technological limitations of their time.

If you haven’t played some of these games, be confident that they can still dazzle and challenge you. If you have played them, give them another day at the rodeo. Because PC gamers were the first gamers, and we’re still the best gamers, with the richest history and the brightest future.


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