Friday, June 24, 2011

The one with the epic Fail that Origin from EA is

origin eaI didn't want to but I had to update that piece of shit software that was called Ea Download manager if I wanted to keep my games updated and that's how I got the newer and ill received Origin piece of crap that EA forced down our throats , I heard all the cries last week because of the game not being available on Steam Anymore and then EA came out and said that it hadn't been their decision , but they went ahead and made that SW game that will take forever to turn profitable :The old republic and origin exclusive, and like Yoda said :
Victory? Victory you say? Master Obi-Wan, not victory. The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun the Clone War has.
And EA started the war of exclusives
So here we go, to check what the hell they have to offer in the beta
origin eaAt least they had the good manners and uninstalled the previous version.
origin eaMy games, as you can see I'd rather buy at GoG and of course on Steam. What I don't do is download games without paying for them, at least not anymore.
origin eaNothing new, those moronic social features were present on EADM, and let me be really specific, it doesn't matter that you add someone with their console credential, you are not going to be able to chat with them unless they're also signed into origin......what do we win by using this? ............
origin eaLet's not even talk about the prices they do not set automatically to your currency, that might even be a feature
origin eaAll those disclaimers made for more civilized territories, where there is legislation in place for this type of transactions.

Origin is the only place where you can pay in advance for battlefield 3 and they seem determined to force gamers to go trough them to get their games.
I hope this blows the hell up in their faces, that stupid download manager made getting Crysis 2 a pain in the ass and nothing new is present in origin,only exclusives and the videos during E3, as I said before EA with its crapware.

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