Tuesday, March 8, 2011

busy...busy little bee

uvm lomas verdes bibliotecaI don't really like the spot I'm standing right now.

I was giving my class today when the phone rang (and you know I don't like phones ringing on my classroom) it was not only embarrassing because it was loud and that brat pack is specially irreverent but the fact that it was from one of the jobs I interviewed before choosing to teach at UVM only made me remember that nothing is going according to plan and specially not according to the big plan I drew back in September 2008 when I decided to return to the Japanese company, but not even to the plan that was set in motion on august last year, I´m not attending my lessons for the master´s degree because I have to work, because I had to work last semester because although I had enough savings to survive until the scholarship arrived, at home they have this knack for making my life not easy, my savings depleted and I started working almost everyday, my grades obviously fell, the Japanese suffered and the nefarious doctor fields decided I deserved to fail the subject he poorly taught me, not only was all that time lost, I have to do that subject again and the lazy people at azcapotzalco decided to not give that subject this semester, and of course, I was the only one that wanted to take those lessons, that worries me since no one seems to give a damn and of course the subject I wanted to attend, the one that made me choose my advisor... I'm unavailable to attend, only one subject is allowed for me and that sucks, meanwhile I have this burden of menial paperwork for the high school that is only made worse because the area manager seems unable to manage his own steps and his slow piece of junk of a PC makes it even worse, I'm responsible for these kids but they lied to me when I said yes, the said something about ranks that later I found the hard way was not truth and despite all that cheapness I seem to be flooded with additional tasks ...today for an instance, I was delighted to hear I now must deal with both my classes in really different ways, because one gets to go to the lab......and I have to start making the case for my thesis next week on Tuesday, really far from home and really late and the beast that haunts my dreams will be there with all of his sycophants ....and I'm failing every single Japanese characters test I've taken this year and I don't have time to read, I try to do so many things that I feel that nothing is done right, and I feel like a fool for I've been acting like one......this is one of those passages on life people warned me about, but I really have nowhere to go, since I don't drink, my schedule keeps me away from sports, my family has not been supportive and my friends have issues of their own.

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