Monday, June 23, 2008

Twitter down constantly

You know that twitter has been working erratically for several weeks now, no more IM, no more SMS, and the whale, the bloody whale, I am getting tired of seeing it, but at least those messages are quicly resolved, no more long downtimes that make people contemplate moving to pownce or plurk, that is nice after all.

Twitter down

I've been twitting less and less lately, mainly due to the fact that once again thew head of the IT department in my workplace is a bitch that blocked twitter and left me no option and until they fix the IM problem I don't have a permanent way to twitt and as you all know bettween the teaching I'm doing (few hours a week but still I have to be there with no connection) the japanese lessons I'm taking, my new work schedule and location and I've been a little absent of the net and my iPod Touch is my tool for writing in japanese, twitting and checking my email.

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