Sunday, April 13, 2008

Churros del más allá

Tengo una critica alternativa (y en español ) en el blog de cine

Imágenes del más allá/ShutterOh my god
What a piece of shit
This so called movie is unwatchable, is pathetic and a sad waste of money, screens and time.

It's another one of the infinite remakes Hollywood makes of Asian horror movies, but ho boy, this one really sucks big time.
They even moved it to Tokyo in order to breath new life into an agonizing genre but with a south korean guy who can't speak Japanese it's impossible to get in character, not to mention the poor Joshua Jackson who once looked like a promising star but he is being forced (did he really chose this one?) to play this kind of roles.

Everything sucks in this movie, the acting is below poor, the script lacks original ideas (and I'm already taking into account that this is a remake) the occasional Japanese dialogs are not natural, SFX are pretty common and really, trust me in this one, this movie should already be in the list of the worst movies ever.
Even the poster reeks

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