Sunday, April 16, 2006

Me latio mucho evangelion, Dios lo que me perdi durante 11 años

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Do you think you know Pen²?

Do you think you are Pen²?

Do you have a weird fetish which involves taking quizzes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions (or even if you didn't), you should take this fine quiz!!!

Can't handle CGI? Get a text version of the purity test here

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".

The "submit" button is at the bottom.

  1. Does your name end with an exponent?
  2. Do you have red hair?
  3. A bald head with tufts of red hair on either side?
  4. Is your favorite food fish?
  5. Is ² your favorite exponent? (If, indeed, you do have a favourite exponent, you should probably go take a nerdity purity test after this...)
  6. Your social security number?
  7. Do you think Pen² is cute?
  8. Cuter than any Pokemon character?
  9. Were you disappointed there were no penguins in the X-files movie, despite the fact that much of it took place in the Antarctic?
  10. Were you disappointed at the lack of penguins in Titanic?
  11. in Jurrassic Park?
  12. Do you get excited when anyone says the word "pen"?
  13. The french word "stylo"?
  14. How about Bic?
  15. Have you written a fanfic which included Pen²?
  16. In which he could talk?
  17. In which he was a secret agent?
  18. Have you ever written a fanfic in which Pen² was the main character?
  19. Was it serious?
  20. Have you ever written a fanfic from Pen²'s POV?
  21. Was it a bleak character study of Pen²?
  22. Have you made a music video about Pen²?
  23. Do you have friends who don't watch NGE but still know who Pen² is?
  24. Do they have pictures?
  25. Have you ever cosplayed as Pen²?
  26. Do you own a stuffed penguin?
  27. Is it named Pen²?
  28. Have you ever put in the fridge?
  29. The bathtub?
  30. Is Pen² your favorite NGE character?
  31. Do you hate everything about NGE except Pen²?
  32. Do you sincerely believe Pen² knows martial arts?
  33. Are penguins your favorite animals?
  34. Do you have any desire to visit Antarctica?
  35. Does your e-mail address include the word "penpen"?
  36. Your website?
  37. Your ICQ handle?
  38. Do you have penpen as wallpaper on your desktop?
  39. As an icon on your desktop?
  40. Do you use the Hikari window-sitter just because she's holding Pen²?
  41. Do you like Hikari because she's so nice to Pen²?
  42. Did you feel bad for Pen² when he was Fed-Exed (in the volcano episode)?
  43. Do you wonder what happened to Pen² during the 3rd impact?
  44. Have you ever written a paper on penguins?
  45. Was there a picture of Pen² on the cover?
  46. Is the extinction of penguins the main problem with Antarctica melting?
  47. Would you expect to see a penguin at a hot springs resort?
  48. Do you feel sorry for Pen²?
  49. Because he lives in captivity?
  50. Because he isn't a main character in NGE?
  51. Because he doesn't have a girlfriend?
  52. Did you just yell out "But he does!!"?
  53. Have you written a poem or fansong about Pen²?
  54. Do you know the names of the penguins at your local zoo?
  55. The names of the penguins at Seaworld?
  56. Have you seen "The Pebble and the Penguin"?
  57. Did you like it?
  58. Did you write a fanfic, starring Pen², based on it?
  59. Is your cat named Pen²?
  60. Do you have a black and white animal named Pen²?
  61. Is it a penguin?
  62. Have you drawn a picture of Pen²?
  63. On your computer?
  64. Is your hard drive space used up completly because of having so many Pen² pictures/sound files/text documents?
  65. Did you make most of them yourself?
  66. Have you made a Pen² animated gif?
  67. Would you give your pet(s) ramen and/or beer?
  68. Because you think it would make them more like Pen²?
  69. Do you make your pet(s) take baths because of this reason?
  70. Have you ever drawn a picture of Pen² wearing clothing?
  71. Can you tell Pen²'s emotions by looking at his face?
  72. Do you think Pen² should be an Eva pilot?
  73. Have you written a comic about Pen²?
  74. Have you ever been annoyed because some fic author had Pen² acting OOC?
  75. Did you flame them because of it?
  76. Did you hack into their webpage and write "Pen² Rulz!" all over it?
  77. Do you have a t-shirt with Pen² on it?
  78. Are you Pen² on any Evangelion RPGs?
  79. on all Evangelion RPGs?
  80. Have you written a Sailor Moon X-over in which Pen² is Luna?
  81. Did you know that penguins mate for life?
  82. Really, did you? Before I told you?
  83. Will you mate for life, simply because of this fact?
  84. Have you ever sculpted Pen²?
  85. Have you written a computer program involving Pen²?
  86. Have you ever thought about writing a NGE/Babe (the pig) X-over involving Pen²?
  87. Did you write it?
  88. Will you?
  89. Did you ever think about Pen²'s life before he moved to Tokyo-3?
  90. Can you draw Pen² from memory?
  91. Does it actually look like him?
  92. Can you find biblical symbolism to explain Pen²'s existance in NGE?
  93. If you hear someone say "shake a tail feather", do you think of Pen²?
  94. Can you play the "6 degrees of separation" game with Pen² and anyone?
  95. Do you know who Pen²'s voice actor is?
  96. In English and Japanese?
  97. Do you know their filmography?
  98. Have you written a Ranma fanfic including the "Pen²niichaun"?
  99. Do you have the command for "²" memorized?
  100. For more than one font?
  101. Do you know Pen²'s favorite colour?
  102. His astrological sign?
  103. Does your licence plate say "Penpen" or "Pen2" on it?
  104. Do you wish it did?
  105. Would you watch a nature special on penguins?
  106. Would you tape it?
  107. Do you think you know Pen² better than Misato does?
  108. If someone asks you who you would meet if you could meet any star, do you immediatly say "Pen², definatly, Pen²"?
  109. Do you wish you were Pen²?
  110. Do you wish this test was more serious?

Good going!

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