Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fanatical Prospecting

Con el crédito cortesía de las cosas chuecas de Apple me hice de algunos libros, este es el principal, es un área de oportunidad personal.

Ya les contaré en las próximas semanas, meses y años que tanto me ha sido útil o no.

"The Path to superstar-level success in sales is brutally simple. Simple, mind you, not easy. It's a Paradox of Basics: A truth that is so blatanly onvious it has become impossibly invisible. A truth that remains frustratingly elusive for most salespeople, causing so many promising, intelligent, talented people to fail miserably in sales, and, likewise, businesses to close their door and entrepreneurs to crash and burn.
What's the secrete that separates superstars from everyone else, and why do they consinstently outperform other salespeople? Fanatical Prospecting."

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