Thursday, February 7, 2013

Legend of fat Ninja

Poco que agregar, es gratis, es una historia de éxito, los ports se pagaron con ayuda de un kickstarter (rebasando la meta por muy poco)

by Zephyr Games

Legend of Fat Ninja features hours of single player gameplay for iOS and Android. It’s a fast-paced arcade game and a blast to play!

Help Fat Ninja become the greatest chef the world has ever known!

Located near the peak of Mt. Fuji, the famed Iron Skillet Academy has existed for centuries, working to mold the best chefs of the age. Combining the unique ninja style of combat with the culinary skills of past masters, the academy is incredibly exclusive some years having not a single graduate!

This year is different however, not one but two ninja chefs have graduated! Kureijita, aka The Fat Ninja, and his sidekick Kaminoha! They have left the Iron Skillet and have now endeavored to open their own famed noodle shop. But in order to be the very best, they will have to find legendary ingredients that other chefs across the land use. In order to do this, they will travel to the homeland of each of these famed chefs and defeat them and their servants, all while serving up the highest quality noodles to the locals!

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