Wednesday, February 22, 2006

From engadget

Viliv P1 PMP coming to US

If you had told us last year that the Viliv P1 PMP would soon be available in the US, we would have laughed in your face (well, OK, maybe we would have been polite and chuckled into our hands). After all, not only does the device have a suspiciously familiar controller, but it's also from Yukyung Technologies, a company with zero US presence. But this is one case where we're happy to be proven wrong, since the player will apparently make its North American debut on March 1 via a dedicated e-store. Specs include a 30GB drive, DivX and Xvid support, 4-inch display, FM radio and CF slot. And, yes, it does still have that round, white controller, but we're willing to overlook that (though we don't know if you-know-who will do the same).

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