Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dave Perry Resigns From Shiny

Dave Perry Resigns From Shiny
Prominent studio head steps down to help sell his company.
by Jeremy Dunham

February 21, 2006 - After learning that Atari would be selling its studios in an effort to meet its bottom line, Shiny Entertainment President Dave Perry has stepped down from his lofty position to help Atari find a buyer for his studio. The reason? According to the Orange County Register which first reported this story, it's because an employee of the publisher isn't allowed to help facilitate a buyout, whereas an outsider can do whatever they wish.

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"Atari can go ahead and sell Shiny but I think I can help too because I'm on the board of a lot of things. I can bring a lot of parties to the table and I can do that faster if I hit the streets myself," said Perry. "If I'm an employee of Atari, then I'd be stepping all over them. This way, I'm representing a buyer. I can act swiftly and get buyers on the table. I pitched Shiny last time and got $47 million [in reference to Atari's purchase of Shiny from Interplay in 2002]."

We've been waiting for a Jim sequel forever... if Shiny Entertainment is bought, apparently we'll get one.
Reportedly, Perry has already begun his sales pitch to several companies to which he is quoted to saying, "There is a lot of interest out there."

Should a new buyer purchase Shiny Entertainment, it is Perry's full intention to come back on board. As the guy who founded the now-56 employee-strong company in 1993, he wants to continue to watch it succeed.

It should also be noted that whichever company ultimately purchases Shiny will inherit a minimum of three games that Shiny is already working on -- including a long-awaited sequel to Shiny's most famous property, Earthworm Jim.

More as it develops.

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