Friday, March 28, 2008

My generation acústico

Otra versión de My Generation por la talentosa Yui.

The wind blows across the playground
Sighing through a small window

Although my expectations have become unpleasant and lonely
Yet I plan on not giving up

Even if the bells ring early
Will this reality keep on going?

Let's break through the classroom windows
Let this feeling change a little

From now on let's be free!

My Dream still didn't have any words
No one wanted say anything to hurt me
Although wanting to know
Made me cry at night
I believed it was the weakness in me
That could not realize my dream
Sixten My Dream

So I took of my uniform at the age of 16
I didn't want to be defeated

I didn't look back
From that point on

Because it was me, I could do it

There is no more excuses
If you loose the rising hope of your crowd
You can only loose the way

I don't want to become a hindrance
I want to know if there is a solution

To always be free

My Dreams could not longer be broken
Waiting all these seasons, I began to walk
The time looking down will be restored
To realize my dreams
To strongly believe that my Generation can change
Sixteen My Dream

The walls of the classroom began to crack
My vow came true

It was only the weakness in me that couldn't realize the words of My Dream
Sixteen My Dream

La Letra en Kanji la pueden encontrar en nihonjiff

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