Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sony también deja los ebooks

Lo de VAIO se veía venir, estaban peor que Apple en "bang for the buck" , lo que si no esperábamos es que también dejarán el mercado de los e-books

Sony quits the PC business to focus on mobile

Sony is replacing their ebookstore and reading app in the NA market with a newly announced partnership with Kobo. The Kobo Android app will replace Sony’s app on Sony’s tablets and smartphones, and Kobo will also sell ebooks for the Sony Reader. The transition will start in the next few weeks, and by the end of March Sony and Kobo plan to have all Sony customers migrated to the Kobo Store.
This also explained why Sony invested in (limited) Epub3 support in their iPad and iPhone apps, and expanded the Reader Store with a kid’s book section that focused on enhanced ebooks (in Epub3).

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