Monday, September 3, 2012

una historia de terror

Esto es muy HAL 9000
¿y si un día ellos deciden los que es mejor para ti?
Ni siquiera yo me animaría a este nivel, y enima...ese "manos libres" se me hizo muy corto en avances.

Ericsson believes that in the Networked Society, more than 50 billion things will be connected, in order to make our lives and our businesses more efficient and more enjoyable.
Hi, Great to get your comments. Predictions are never easy. The idea of this film is that connected things make life easier. Our research shows that people love social networks and having things connect "socially" is easy and usable.
Example: The lights should be off while we are at work. If we forget, the house does it for us. Our car is friends with our media store and downloads new music that we like. Simple technology that we control. The ending of the film is " be continued". Perhaps AFTER this video ends, David gets a haircut. Perhaps he called Sophia back and they go out for a drink?

Me gusta más esta secuela, es más...aspiracional

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