Friday, August 17, 2012

The BIOSHOCK Song de brentalfloss

En los ya algunos años de este blog a pocos juegos se les ha rendido pleitesía de un modo tan completo, tan inmediato y tan fervorosamente como al genial Bioshock, el mejor juego de 2007, y uno de los mejores casos de interfaces duales, una para PC, otra para consolas, ambas muy buenas y en PC se podía cambiar de una a otra sin esfuerzo (cosa que para Bioshock 2 estaba perdida), además de traer el objetivismo a la discusión de las grandes audiencias, esas que ya no vieron a Ayn Rand  con vida.

Ya han pasado cinco añotes (y en un mundo normal ya estaríamos en otra generación de soportes) peor siguen llegando homenajes, como esta canción, que puede ser suya por 0.89 USD

Won'tcha come on down to Rapture, jam a needle in your arm
It'll slowly corrode your genetical code, but it's all part of the charm
So you're a gross abomination, but in time you're gonna be...
So glad ya came on down to the best little town at the bottom of the deep blue sea

Hop in a bathysphere, take in the atmosphere, it's like New York, but with more fish

This unholy demon spawn looks like Joan Rivers in the morning,
but down here she's quite a dish

Aquatic nightmare drones are known to freely roam

with little sisters who require their help
I mean to tell you plainly mister, if that thing there was my sister,
I'd believe I'd disown myself, mahhh!

So you're stuck awhile in Rapture, and politically it's ...tense?

Libertarians scream, it's an Ayn Rand wet dream, and brother I mean soakin'
I'm not even jokin'
Don'tcha know the locals love the lifestyle, watch 'em scale the walls with glee
They're glad they came on down to best little town at the bottom of the deep blue sea

Try out the U-invent, it doesn't cost a cent, you're gonna love to mix and match

Just steal some glue from evil red guy, and a screw from smelly dead guy,
and you've made some crap from scratch

And there's this Atlas Joe, right on your radio, and he'll give you helpful hints and such

I bet you'll do his bidding blindly if he utters "would you kindly," but ohhhh,
I've said too much

So, you get a bit of story and a horrid killing spree!

Because you came on down to best little town
You're tryin' not to drown in this creepy town,
It really takes the crown though it's the only town in the bottom of the deep blue sea,
Forget Atlantis, it's the best little town at the bottom of the deep blue...
Somewhere beyond the sea, they spell it R-A-P-T-U-R-E.


released 16 August 2012
Music & Lyrics by brentalfloss
Orchestrations by Blake Robinson ( )
Mixing and mastering by Joe Skinner ( )

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