Saturday, September 24, 2011

What now?

Are you aware that I change jobs so fast and so often because I'm so nice (and stupid) that I can never say no to the guys that offer me a job?

I mean, look at the unemployment rates all over the world and like that some guy approaches me and explodes into congratulatory speech making remarks about my intelligence and how they'd be so happy of having me working with them and I fall every single time, I say yes, then I realize what just happened and throw myself into it, like the bull in the china store, that is why now that I'm 30 years old my resume is so long that I need to start grouping the periods I've worked for the same company.

I never want to "betray" anyone and I believe all my employers can say that when I'm with them I become a believer, I always wear the team colors and that shows even in some interviews when they ask for my former company and I still say: "us", "we", "our warehouse", etc , but this is what I've detected and trust me, I'm working on it, I will copy the slogan "No means no" and I will ask for a friend to do the negotiations for the salary.

My life is a mess right now and there are so many things and jerks involved in the genesis of this that is useless to go over it again, i will confess that changing locations would be a more than welcomed trade off.

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