Friday, April 29, 2011

The one with SLI for AMD

Despite what a jerk like this one would have you believe
This was an important announcement on nvidia's page.

Finally SLI will be an option for AMD CPUs, as Petersen said:

SLI has been licensed to the world’s leading motherboard companies for integration onto their upcoming motherboards featuring AMD’s 990FX, 990X and 970 chipsets. ASUS, Gigabyte, ASRock, and MSI are among the first motherboard manufacturers to offer this new capability

When you are not a dick like that kid from the first line, you realize this single act from Nvidia had been coming a long time, all the great hardware vendors are involved, Intel has the great performing CPUs, AMD has nothing to compare and they had to settle for going for the budget builders and the ones that would like to use only crossfire, whereas AMD had licensed crossfire to any motherboard capable or feeding the needed slots.

The great performance advantage meant for Intel to charge a premium for their products, hopefully this will make the good parts a little cheaper in order to maintain their share for gaming parts, geforce vendors will tap into another part of the allegedly shrinking PC gaming market and we, the builders get new options, perhaps you would like to try a Bulldozer CPU and now you can pair it to a SlI setup.

Controversy arose when Petersen said that according to steam 93% of multiGPU configurations used SLI, crossfire users and naysayer began complaining that steam always failed to detect their setup.

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