Monday, February 7, 2011

Mexican short sightedness

Or Myopia if you like is a quintessential Mexican attribute and I'm not trying to say that my fellow country men (and fellow country know , nowadays yo have to that way) need to use glasses, but it is unbelievably sad how most people down here lack the will to make an effort and stop trying to make a fol of everyone else at the expense of the nation, this TRANSA culture has made this country a jungle, only loud monkeys like Fernandez Noroña and Andre Manuel Lopez Obrador scream so loud and do nonsensically that most other apes are drawn into the bullshit they're selling.

Today I woke up to find twitter flooded with #aristegui and #libertaddeexpresion tags because in a somewhat spineless maneuver the MVS management fired her after requesting on her show for the government to clarify once and for all if Felipe Calderon suffers from a disease known as alcoholism as a response for a shameful display of the loud monkey Noroña in the representatives chamber, tons of people that suffer from delusions that the poor condition of Mexico is only Calderon's fault lack the nerve, and the will to work hard and valiantly in order to restore sanity to this country, pointing fingers has always been easier , how dares a jerk that drives like an ass and does not respect one way streets, or stop at the red light and the bribes an official (you know mexican "mordida") to question the ethical background of that son of a bitch senator that sells construction permits trough some acquaintances, or how do you expect to live in a country where crime is punished if you are giving your son money to bribe the teachers at school.
Mexico is in such a horrible condition because we Mexicans are not brave enough to respect the law all the time, mexicans only respect the laws when they choose to, all of these mercenaries that apparently came out of nowhere are the sons of inequity and abuse brought upon by men and women that thought they had the right to step on others.
And yet this is a country that has too many religious fanatics, baffling if you ask me.
Where in the bible says it is OK to be a criminal, a thief, a rapist, a corrupt officer but that if you give money to church all is forgiven.
No, Mexico is in this awful place because Mexicans are the victims of that picaresca /transa culture, we have what we deserve.
is our president and alcoholic, I really don't know, but with so many alcoholics driving in this nation, I would ask those stupid representatives, Who are you to pint fingers?
What have you done after 2006 in order to make Mexico a better place, all you and that idiotic AMLO have done is noise, making promises and blackmail the nation, you guys do not deserve to call yourselves the good ones, you are jerks that are also living the easy life of a semi elected official.
What happened to Aristegui was wrong, but this are not old times, when TV was the only way to get your message to the ones willing to listen, sadly most people are lazy enough that if Aristegui launched a podcast, the mental laziness of setting the RSS feed would make their "fiery" determination disappear. This not only happening in Mexico, in a lot of places there are schemes to limit the freedom of speech, and while conventional wisdom says Aristegui should have restrained from asking the question, the truth is, the only media worthy of our attention is the one willing to place itself in harm's way .
A global tendency for crackdown, that is worrisome, yet mexicans like to make huge dramas of thing they don't even begin to fathom

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