Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is Lebron Better than Kobe?

He claims championships or rings don’t settle the score.
He claims that the Cleveland Team isn't better than the Lakers and goes to compare the current Lakers team and he gets to the conclusion that every single player in Los Angeles would be the second best player in Cleveland and blaims Danny Ferry, General Manager for Cleveland of letting his best player "to win the war by himself" without a good supporting cast. which Kobe does have.

I don't know if Lebron is better that the Black Mamba, I have not seen enough of his games to make my mind about that, and I don't know if Orlando is choking and letting Lakers win, I do recall I said Orlando was my pic for taking this series and that players like Derek Fisher have been there on our darkest hours to save us.

Laker's 15th seems to be very close and I couldn't care less for the point of which one is better, the 24 is a great player and if people want to be really anal about this thing, we can't measure who's better because of the differences on weight and height, or can we?

By the way. Do you know what franchise among the NBA teams is ESPN's choice for the all time best?
Of course Los Angeles Lakers, despite Boston having more titles.

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