Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gender Card Palin

Who is Sarah Palin
Gender card anyone?

She attacked Hildog when Clinton retreated to the victim role, but she is being used to catch some of the Clinton disappointed voters, McCain's team had already written the VP speech when they had no idea who he was picking for running mate.

If John McCain was not as old and sick as he is it wouldn't matter, but really, the chances of him dying before finishing one or two periods are great, unbelievably high, and does the people in USA need this creationist who denies abortion rights but claims that her daughter made a choice (that she is willing to deny to anyone else) and likes to hunt an keeps repeating that shallow and empty phrase of the small town people with their small town values that they can't even point out as their next president, does the world need this lady who keeps mocking Obama as the president of the U.S.
palin Mccain's gender card

Biden, Obama, McCain and Palin, have absolutely no executive decisions history, so experience is not a factor when chosing sides, they are all going to be newcomers to thet office when they get ther enext year, but please do not let that decision be made because of the chromosomes the candidates have.

I can speak as a citizen of a country full of people who voted for a complete idiot only because he did mention ladies first and every single time he spoke,
that gender vote comes to haunt you.

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