Sunday, August 17, 2008

Star Wars : The slapstick wars

Star Wars: The clone wars is the latest step in the downwards spiral the once great Star Wars franchise has taken.

Star Wars : The slapstick wars

Ok, I know this is a cartoon, we are getting to know what happened during the legendary Clone Wars (many may argue that it is not that important)and whatever you may want to add into the mix, but it's Jar Jar Binks all over again, all the buddy movies, the camaraderie and comedy of the likes of Return of The Jedi, but it was really sad to know that a Star Wars movie in the big screen is completely forgettable, if you are a diehard fan you have already seen this fiasco, but if you just like or kinda like SW you may want to givi it a try, if you are just one of the many that go to see SW movies for no particular reason you'll try to use this one to signal all the faults of the saga.

Anyway, for a sunday morning cartoon this may be just OK, lets try to forget about those idiotic droids and let's not talk about this one anymore.

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