Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lettin' go

If you follow me in twitter or have read the last weeks of post in this blog you are probably aware that I've resigned from my job and that I'm on my last work related trip to Baja California, involving seeing customers for a last time and participating in a final trade show, all of that happened already, I'm only a visit short of ending my Tijuana related business.

When my last trade show got to an end this feeling of sadness overtook me, I was really nostalgic, but I guess that's how it is to change jobs, specially one with so many fond memories that greatly overshadowed the sour moments.

But lately everything was only bitter arguments and selective blindness that drove me crazy and I got this chance to try my hand in something I've never done before.

The money is basically the same, the daily shift is longer and the distance is huge but one must make sacrifices.

Specially now that I have not so many anchors which I don't want by the way, but I would like a couple of annoyances.

China, China was a strong argument, I will tell you later, it is only a remote possibility but if you stay tuned to this blog a few years you will see how things evolve

update october 2008
It blew up

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