Tuesday, April 1, 2008

working with women sucks

I try I really try but working with women is harder than achieving world peace.
One day they are sad and start thinking that perhaps their normal routine is wrong but the next day they are again conspiring again each other but at the same time are best friends forever and that is not only confusing is annoying and specially so when for one reason they decide they don't like you and they are going to get you in deep shit.

I think that working in cubicles and only dealing with them by email would be a great option.

But no they are women and they can't trick men into fighting other men really simply and quickly, I'm starting to hate that.


  1. They are mostly crazy, spending more time gossiping then working. I find their behavior along with swinging emotions is not suited to my work place, if I was the boss most of them would have been let go along time ago. Working with most women sucks because they do in the work place.

  2. indeed, but we have to try and get along with them


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