Monday, October 29, 2007

Six years already?!

I’ve been speaking with one of my cousins who decided to “follow’ a career in informatics, he actually does have a lot of issues of any kind, family, school, girls and even health related, besides the fact that he does like a lot the Final Fantasy series which is obviously a bad thing and a bad sign.

Well he chose this path around 2001 that was also the year I bought my first computer and started using them because up to that point my experience with computers was pretty short lived, I remember that in those old days I didn’t even like the Internet I used to see it as a necessary evil but it all changed in 2001, the same year I started playing some games an became intrigued with all that lingo about fill rate, AGP, PCI, Quake, DDR, HDD and started reading a magazine from Barcelona which to this day holds a special place in my heart which was my eye opener to this world of Hardware, Overclocking, braggin’ rights , pwnin’, “boom headshot “and everything else that came along, I made my firsts “intervention” the following year when I added my 40GB HDD as a slave to my system, later I installed my first dedicated Videocard a TNT2M64 and the started dual booting with that strange new system that was Windows XP, the Next year I built my first PC from zero (it is really easier than it sounds) and from then I’ve been building several machines and making hardware upgrades pretty often, all this time I’ve been helping my cousin with this Hardware stuff because as you now most informatics are clueless about the hardware their code is running in or the networks they are supposed to admin , while I have absolutely no idea in software my cousin does so I hope that that cumulative knowledge will help him when he decides to work (he is kind of lazy) if that day ever comes.

He is right now struggling with Windows Vista so I can be of no assistance to him because I don’t like that OS version and would love to stick with XP if Vienna (now Windows 7) arrives fast enough.

But these long conversations reminded me that not so long ago I was not a computer junkie and that I was kind of an analphabet wich luckily has changed, it’s been six years already? Wow, I came to this world about the same time the first iPod appeared and at around the same period in which Microsoft released Windows XP which was not really well received at the beginning because it was a resource hog and all it cared was looking nice and blah, blah, blah, almost the same thing being said about Vista right now, the difference, the main difference is that perhaps with Vista, all the Vista Bashers have a point.

This December my mothers laptop will start running Ubuntu and that is mainly because the sting of malware requires a constant level of housekeeping and updating and testing which is to much to ask for a regular user that only wants a computer to work.

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