Tuesday, July 24, 2007

X-Men 204

Women have no idea what is good for them.
Not even X-women
Like our friend "Electric Goldfish" made clear in her blog

Rogue is willing (more than willing) to take back Gambit despite the fact that this guy has treated her like yesterday left overs

"I know I tried to kill you more than once, dumped you in Golgotha, tried to screw Foxx while on the astral plane (in your head) possibly banged your mom, turned into a horseman of Apocalypse, tried to kill you AGAIN, killed your team-mate, & joined the Marauders...but...you still love me don't you, cherie?"

"Aw, I'm just a dumb hick shugah, of course I do."
It goes without saying that women will always be women.

No cabe duda que las mujeres siempre se encaprichan con el sujeto que las ignora, las maltrata y sabe que siempre estarán ahí, esa idea de "Él va a cambiar" o peor aún "yo lo voy a cambiar" esta demostrada erronea una y otra y otra vez, pero haganlas entender.

A nuestra amiga "Electric Goldfish" le debe costra trabajo seguir siendo una fiel lectora de comic cuando ni siquiera una Chica-X puede apartarse de este papel.

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