Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nvidia Forceware 162.18 and 162.22

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Nvidia has just released a couple of drivers with the WHQL certification.
Final versions of Forceware 162.18 for Windows XP supporting Geforce cards from FX, 6XXX,7XXX and 8XXX series .
162.22 is aimed for Windows Vista and supports Geforce 6,7 and 8 series cards.
These drivers contain a range of improvements or fixes and if you have an Nvidia Card you should use them.

Nvidia acaba de lanzar dos nuevos drivers para las geforce con certificación WHQL
Forceware 162.18 es para Windows XP y soporta las tarjetas de las series FX en adelante
162.22 es para el rarisimo Windows Vista y da soporte a tarjetas Geforce de las series 6,7 y 8.

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