Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Michael Jackson Is Just A Girl

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Michael Jackson was spotted in St Tropez yesterday wearing woman’s clothing. He was sporting a ruffled blouse, tight jeans,high heels and carrying an orange purse. He was with a young girl thought to be his daughter Paris.

A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “I noticed them as the ‘woman’ had an enormous Audrey Hepburn-type hat. I saw the girl was dressed similarly and thought it was a mum-daughter thing. They sat down and I froze as I saw ‘her’ face and twigged it was not only a ‘him’ but it was Michael Jackson

I am sure most people cringe when they get a close-up of Michael Jackson’s slightly melted-looking face, but to also see his curvy ass in a pair of skin tight jeans must be extra disturbing. You have to wonder if there is anything normal about the guy at all? What guy would choose to wear high heels? The main advantage to being male as I see it, other than being able to pee standing up, is wearing comfortable shoes and loose clothing 24-7.

I think we can dispell the myth that Michael and Janet are the same person, Janet’s ass has never looked that small, but what I am now wondering is if Michael and Janet are brother and sister or just sisters?

Michael Jackson Is Just A Girl

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