Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The first batch of microprocessors for Nintendo's new system is being delivered.

Right now Wii microchips are making their way from IBM's East Fishkill, NY, facility to where ever it is that Nintendo is planning to mass produce its upcoming console. IBM signed a multi-year microchip production deal with Nintendo earlier this year to produce the chips powering the Wii. The codename of the processor powering the Wii is "Broadway."

In a press release from IBM, Genyo Takeda, Nintendo's Senior Managing Director/General Manager for its Integrated Research & Development Division says, "The first chips are in our possession. Today's milestone marks the final stage of our drive to reach both core and nontraditional gamers with an inviting, inclusive and remarkable gaming experience."

Ron Martino, director of IBM Tehnology Collaboration Solutions, says, "The IBM team has worked hard to design, develop and deliver this customized Power micropocessor for the worldwide launch of Nintendo's new system." This isn't the first time IBM and Nintendo have teamed up. In 1999 IBM designed and manufactured the "Gekko," the central microprocessor used to power the Nintendo GameCube.

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