Monday, August 28, 2006

Windows Vista caro como la Chin....da

AL parecer (ya quitarón los precios) la proxima edición de Windows será una inversión bastante cuantiosa.
Ahora si estaría bien comparse una de esas pc chafonas con licencia, pero la bronca es que son miles (bueno, no tantas) versiones.

La de a deveras que recibe el grandilocuente nombre de "WINDOW VISTA ULTIMATE" costara unos 450 ¡¡¡¡ de los verdes

Neowin report the discovery of official Windows Vista prices on the Microsoft Canada Site. A rough conversion to US Dollars reveals for example that the full Windows Vista Ultimate will be $450, the Vista Ultimate Upgrade Edition is $270, and the full Vista Home Premium sits at $270. The 32-bit and 64-bit editions do not appear to differ in price though.

Update: Microsoft have now pulled down the prices on their site and will not comment.

Although the items have since been removed, Bott managed to copy down the prices, and they read as follows: $499 for Ultimate, $379 for Business, $299 for Home Premium, and $259 for Home Basic, with the corresponding upgrades listed at $299, $249, $199, and $129, respectively. Now keep in mind that these are Canadian prices for the Canadian market, so simply doing the currency conversions won't give us an accurate idea of what these packages will cost in the US. In order to put things in perspective, Bott compared the relative prices of future Vista versions with current XP versions in both markets, and extrapolated likely US pricing from that data. Based on his calculations, retail pricing for the full / upgraded flavors of Vista in America should look something like this: Ultimate going for $349 / $199, Business at $269 / $179, Home Premium for $239 / $139, and Home Basic priced around $199 / $99 -- in other words, not much more than you'd be paying for XP today, and nowhere near the high of $450 that'd we'd previously heard.

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