Wednesday, May 17, 2006

X-men the official game first impressions

I just had the chance to test the new X-Men: The Official Game for the pc and here are my first impressions

Number one
4 cds, come on who the hell is using cds nowadays?
Number 2
The graphics are pretty decent, nothing to go nuts, the deliver, they are very this gen (PS2, XBOX, Gamecube) and feel a little dated on the Pc, even though we know that is common for this games with so many possible buyers.So no complains there, but don´t expect anything fancy.
Number 3
The camera Sucks, and sucks big time
Number 4
The control scheme is awful, i wasnt able to play with a gamepad because of the horrible camera, so I decide to try the keyboard and mouse combinatión, and men it sucks, it just sucks, i just finished the wolverine level (the first one) and i decide to try something else.
Number 5
Cutscenes are static,just voiceovers like the evangelion games for windows.
I´ll add when i have finished this game or bought a new controller.

Men, forget about Wolverine (wich has nothing new) and Iceman (who plays way cool)
NIGHTCRAWLER is awesome, for the fisrt time in a videogame we join him in his travel to the other dimension--you know BAMF--
It´s worth the game.

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