Friday, December 30, 2005

"intel inside" No more

the possibility of Intel ditching its 14 year old "Intel Inside" tagline in January of 2006. Considering that the branding has helped Intel to become the fifth most valuable brand in the world, it was quite a shock that the company was thinking about pushing it aside. Today's Wall Street Journal [subscription required] confirms that rumor and Intel is indeed overhauling its corporate branding.

While we have previously talked about Intel's new product branding which you can view here, it's the new tagline, Leap Ahead, that is the most interesting to us. Intel is trying to get away from being known soley as a manufacturer of processors for computers and become a dominant force in all things related to consumer electronics.

People scoffed at NVIDIA when they said that they were going to get away from solely providing chips for graphics card and become a platform-centric company. The move worked for NVIDIA and they are now happy to provide stable computing platforms for both AMD and Intel in addition to mobile phones, PDAs and gaming consoles. Intel has already shown their ability to market their platforms on a large scale with their hugely successful Centrino mobile campaign. The company looks to do the same for Media PCs with Viiv. With increased competition coming at all sides from AMD, Intel's change of direction to adapt to changing market conditions couldn't come at a more opportune time

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